holographic installation in sydney

These incredible life-size holograms blend digital and optical technology to present holographic images that stretch beyond reality. The subtly animated images capture two figures, hesitantly emerging from a digitally generated holographic scene. As you approach they beckon you into their enchanting world, yet remain forever elusive, suspended in light.

Art Exhibition previously on in Newtown precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 28 December 2007 to Saturday 12 January 2008
Launch Friday 28 December 2007, starts 8 pm, we'll finish around 10. (a group of us will be starting at Don't Look and then heading to Make a Difference)

Unfurl (stairquence hologram) image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 05 December 2007.
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Unfurl is the result of a collaboration between holographic artist Martina Mrongovius and garment designer Sruli Recht. The holograms were commissioned by Experimenta for the 2005 ‘Vanishing Point’ exhibition and produced with the assistance of Mark Ruff, Ged Wright and Dr John Perry.


Don’t Look Gallery
419 New Canterbury Rd
Dulwich Hill

Make a Difference
55 Enmore Rd