On life after death

Martha Mcdonald, Patrick Pound, Elizabeth Pulie. On life after death is an exhibition about imagining the unseeable. The title comes from a book by psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler Ross published in 1991, in which she examines cases of near death experiences and suggests there is no such thing as death.

Art Exhibition previously on at DEATH BE KIND in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 04 September 2010 to Sunday 26 September 2010

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 09 November 2010.
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These ideas were a distinct departure from her earlier ground breaking book On Death and Dying where she first discussed what is now known as the five stages of death and grieving.

Tunnels of light, sparkling stars, areas of emptiness, eyes closed, eyes open, sitting, lying down, tears are drying over time. The life after death we encounter here visualizes the experience of looking at what we cannot normally see.

In Patrick Pounds clever categories of found photographs such as People that look dead but (probably) aren’t, Portrait of the wind and The photographers amongst others the photograph manages to record an un-memorable moment, the movement of air, and the person behind the camera’s shadow.

Elizabeth Pulies paintings Death Of Art series one with dark backgrounds and circular motifs floating on a grid of square canvases create strange relections of each other and a changing configuration of shapes colours and lines into an unfamiliar pattern. The title of the work refers to the idea of an end game which in chess or art theory is to take something to its logical conclusion. The game must progress forward and therefore it must end if it is to have any conclusion at all.

Martha McDonalds portraits of grief show richly detailed surfaces where emotional stains soak the armour of mourning to leave their marks upon the skin.

Martha McDonald performs songs from the exhibition with Craig Woodward on fiddle, banjo and mandolin.
4pm Sunday 26th September 2010