The works in MONUMENTAL EFFECT occupy the space on top of twenty-six grey plinth/stelae arranged in a skewed grid formation in the gallery space. Here the miniature reconfigures the monumental in intimate personal scale.

Art Exhibition previously on at DEATH BE KIND in Brunswick precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 30 November 2010 to Sunday 19 December 2010
Launch Tuesday 30 November 2010, 6pm


Published by anonymous on Friday 03 December 2010.
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The works in this exhibition utilize scale, materials and processes to question ideas of monumental in contemporary culture and art. Have traditional meanings of the monumental been knocked from their plinths in favour of the temporal, the assembled and the found?

Reduced and reproduced in a mommento, keepsake or souvenir or venerated as a relic on public display. Rememberance is the monuments central role, generational memory, national memory and personal memory. In 1927 Robert Musil suggested that for the society for which the monument is erected, familiarity undermined the monuments purpose. In his famous essay Monuments his quotable statement “there is nothing so invisible as a monument” suggests the monument is an object of forgetting rather than remembering.

Artists: Alex Rizkalla, Catherine Clover, Ceri Hann, Claire Lambe, Dani Hakim, David Lawrey & Jaki Middleton, Deborah Kelly, Elvis Richardson, Greg Richards, Louise Paramor, Michael Needham, Nana Ohnesorge, Nat Thomas, Nikos Pantazopoulos, Nick Waddell, Nicki Wynnychuk, Raafat Ishak, Raquel Ormella, Sadie Chandler, Sarah CrowEST, Sarah Goffman, Simon Zoric, Stephen Garrett, Toby Pola, Veronica Kent and in the office space Jane Brown.