There’s no time: John Spiteri, Mira Gojak, Bradd Westmoreland, Karl Wiebke

Enigmatic Sydney-based artist John Spiteri, whose understated and philosophical works have remained under the radar in Melbourne for decades, will be presented in a new contemporary exhibition titled, There’s no time at The Ian Potter Museum of Art, at the University of Melbourne.

Art Exhibition previously on at Ian Potter Museum of Art in Australia.
From Wednesday 17 November 2010 to Sunday 13 February 2011

33-05 white/yellow/red on green, 2005 image Everywhere and nowhere image

Published by Ian Potter Museum of Art on Thursday 06 January 2011.
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Spiteri’s paintings and sculptures in wood, canvas, glass, paint and stone, will converse with Bradd Westmoreland’s large-scale mural painting, Mira Gojak’s major two-part ‘door’ sculpture ‘Everywhere and nowhere’ from 2005 and Karl Wiebke’s four luminous paintings.

Showcasing Spiteri’s eloquent and “mystic” works alongside three Melbourne artists of three different generations provides an opportunity for the viewer to draw possible linkages and inspirations between all four artists’ expressions.

“John Spiteri is just one of those artists – a great talent with a relatively low profile and now selected for important institutional recognition.” says Bala Starr, exhibition curator and Senior Curator at The Potter. “The art scene provides different forms of patronage to artists. At The Ian Potter Museum of Art we identify artists who express particular languages and qualities which we deem of great cultural value.

“John Spiteri is a great example of the sort of artist I find intriguing. Spiteri avoids thematic using titles like ‘Paint a rumour’ and ‘Those who are governed by gravity’, and his works are neither fashionable nor didactic.”

“Spiteri’s new work incorporates funny reminiscences, hand-carved elements, thin paint, glass, fragments of ornamentation and geometry, and coloured rocks,” Starr said.

Spiteri will conduct an ‘artist in conversation’ in the gallery space on Thursday 18 November, 12.30-1.30pm. Although the exhibition is titled ‘There is no Time’, do make time to hear Spiteri!