Kirsten Perry


N-N-NERVOUS explores the tense relationship between the spectacle and the role of the spectator through handcrafted sculptural work using ceramics, jewlery and paper mache.

Art Exhibition previously on at NO NO GALLERY in Australia.
From Thursday 03 February 2011 to Saturday 12 February 2011
Launch Thursday 03 February 2011, 6:00pm - 8:00 pm

Scallop Head image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 25 January 2011.
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The artist has an interest in the anthropomorphic qualities of character design, specifically how characters can be used as imaginary vehicles to transgress social norms and physical boundaries.

N-N-NERVOUS draws on the artist’s personal emotional experiences and observation of others to reveal that we are active participants in the construction of our own reality, focusing on the ways in which humour relieves and belies the tragedy and misery of the human condition.


14 Raglan Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051