First. One. Thing. Then. Another.

Paintings and a video by Jess MacNeil.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gallery Barry Keldoulis in Australia.
From Tuesday 01 February 2011 to Saturday 26 February 2011
Launch Tuesday 01 February 2011, 6-8pm

Bosphorus; Light Bearing 2011 image Slow Motion Fountain, Shonibare with Titions  2011 image Blue Shift; Trafalgar Space Painting  2011 image Shadow Loop Walna Scar 2011 image Ghost Loop Slip White Mos 2011 image Clear Cool Central Park, Preceeding Dystonia 2011 image Windermere Calm, Soft Glow after the Mesmeris  2011 image Trafalgar Square Loop  2011 image Lake Land Lapse 2011 image Grasmere Ghost Loop 2011 image Trafalgar Fountain Toplology 2011 image Revolution 2011 image Hawkshead 2011 image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 27 January 2011.
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Drawing on movement as the generative agent of their composition, the images and objects of First. One. Thing. Then. Another. trace and respond to nuanced shifts in time and space: the sliding of the gaze over the landscape, individuals transitioning through public space, the trails left by the artists own body via the motion of the camera and the gestures of the brush, and, eventually, the changing relative positions of viewer and art object within the gallery.

Employing the properties of acrylic sheet to facilitate direct access to the space ‘behind’ the image, whether painting or video projection, this space has become an active component. The images’ supporting structures are made explicit, underscoring the materiality of the image and playing with slips between literal space, material presence, and conceptual or illusory space opened up by each work.