VOLUTION is a collective exhibition of fantastical, surrealist, digital and street art themes … It is an exhibition of international/local established and emerging artists, curated and inspired by the arrival of the ‘father’ of visionary art Alex Grey and his wife Allyson Grey as they tour the East Coast of Australia in January 2011.

Art Exhibition previously on at 1000 £ Bend in Australia.
From Thursday 06 January 2011 to Tuesday 18 January 2011
Launch Thursday 06 January 2011, 6pm

Volution image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 29 January 2011.
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The exhibition will open to the public on Thurs January 6 at 1000 £ Bend in Melbourne and will continue through until Tues January 18, leading up to Alex Grey & Allyson Grey’s live painting event at The Astor Theatre on Sat January 29, 2011.

Opening Night Thurs January 6th will include a fine selection of artists exploring fantastical visions, DJs J-Dub, Jacob Silver, and Blu*e)MD Chill set spinning funky beats, and a bar to quench the thirst.

Artists exhibiting at VOLUTION include …
Ellen Stapleton
Coming from Australia’s east coast, Ellen Stapleton focuses on all the beauty and happiness that exists in our world by creating coloursful detailed paintings of Utopia. Her artwork, full of energy and excitement, are an exploration of colour, texture and pattern inspired by her love of nature.

Maria Finna
Maria is a Melbourne based artist who has exhibited in group shows locally and internationally. Maria’s subject matter is primarily females in psy-surreal states and scenarios. Her work explores intuition, fertility and the sensitive relationship of the female psyche to nature. Through her creative process she acts as a bridge from the surreal to the real.

James Tapscott
This series of paintings chronicles James’s evolution from one medium to another – from painting to installation arts.

Bryan Itch

Melissa Shemanna
Through Melissa’s art she aims to awaken the codes of light within the one consciousness. These ancient cellular memories inherent within our DNA. Like an ancestral tree, tapping straight into source, beyond the veil of reality and the soul.

Melissa Williams
Melissa Williams is a freelance graphic textile designer from Melbourne. Her love for organic illustration and ornamentation is evident in the depth of detail in her work.

Anna Kumashov
Anna’s art is inspired by her deep love and connection to Sacred
Geometry and Symbolism. By using the creative medium, she is
able to establish a relationship and understanding of this beautiful
world which informs and educates her beyond anything else she has ever experienced.

Ema Hewitt

Vond Barta
Vond Barta began tattooing in 1996, being first inspired by the earlier eras of art and the high level of skill involved in the masterpieces that the world has shown us. Vond was also influenced by the likes of H.R. Giger, Boris, Frazetta, Mucha, and Alex Grey, who in his opinion is was really the one recent artist that is absolutely incredible in our time. Vond’s custom tattoos take themes of Japanese, Polynesian, Realism, Sacred Geometry among others.

Alejandra Diaz
Costa Rican-born, now Melbourne-based artist Alejandra Diaz’s art is often themed with the ideas of ‘nature transformed through industry’. Searching for subjects that are rich in detail, yet open in their meaning, Ale creates digital images printed on different media reflecting everyday observations of nature.

Abigail Abbott
Abigail Abbott is an Adelaide based artist, originally from London. She has spent the last 16 years studying and practicing Osteopathic medicine, which involves the study of anatomy, physiology and pathology. She has had 10 years in the practice of Cranio Sacral Osteopathy, working with people to heal their emotional, physical and spiritual wounds. Abigail recently returned to painting after discovering the work of Alex Grey…she works towards her dream of creating a book of paintings depicting the anatomy and energy of Cranio Sacral work. She loves exploring issues of health, healing, anatomy and bringing alternative medicine into the scientific age through the understanding of Quantum Physics. She considers her art as the amalgamation of her western and eastern heritage and a blending of her scientific and metaphysical experiences.

Andy Ross
Andy describes his work, “deeply resonant in sacred geometery as “A visual representation of where i’ve been and where I’m headed”

Andy Furneaux