Experimenta Playground National Tour

Free media art exhibition

Experience this exhibition of innovative and playful artworks and videos by over 30 Australian and international artists. With interactive artworks, video installations and extreme art on screen, this is art that steps out from the shadows of computer games and leaves mouse, keyboard and joystick behind.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art in Australia.
From Thursday 08 May 2008 to Wednesday 30 September 2009

Experimenta Playground National Tour 2008-2009 image

Published by Experimenta Media Arts on Sunday 09 December 2007.
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Escape into Experimenta Playground, an exhibition of artworks that beg to be touched and invite your interaction.

Ever wanted to play with puffer fish and electric eels without getting wet?
How about watching your shadow take on monstrous features as it grows scales, teeth, eyes and horns?

Experimenta Playground is a free exhibition that promises something for everyone and holds many surprises. Experience for yourself contemporary art that delighted and inspired 44,043 people in Melbourne.

Experimenta commissioned three interactive artworks for the exhibition: Immersion allows audiences to play with sea creatures in a virtual underwater world; Charmed invites visitors to tinker with the lives of animated people in a tabletop city. By peering into What’s Yours is Mine visitors get a glimpse into a fairytale forest in which a virtual bear pays homage to pioneer video artist Bruce Nauman.

International artists include Marina Abramovic, Fischli & Weiss, Hiraki Sawa, Guy Ben-Ner and June Bum Park. Australian artists featured include Shaun Gladwell, whose video art was selected for the 2007 Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art, Daniel Crooks, Narinda Reeders, Jaki Middleton and David Lawrey, and Stelarc.

Performance Space@CarriageWorks, Sydney:: 8 May-7June 08
Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide ::30 Aug- 17 Oct 08
WA Museum, Perth:: 15 Nov 08 – 1 Feb 09
Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria :: 25 April – 7 June 09
Albury Library Museum, 25 July- 7 Sept 09