As You Were Saying: You Were Going To

As You Were Saying is a collective of artists (Jessica Crowe, Claire Best, Melissa Deerson) who collaboratively compile and re-interpret text gathered in public places and from the public domain. You Were Going To creates a metanarrative of imagined potential scenarios; exploded diagrammatical drawings are accompanied by an extensive self-referential archive and an interactive drawing.

Art Exhibition previously on at NO NO GALLERY in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 02 June 2011 to Saturday 25 June 2011
Launch Thursday 02 June 2011, 6-8pm

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 01 February 2011.
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The project is by the data: overheard conversations, signage, letters, maps and found objects collected in the course of the artists’ daily lives, which comprise a comprehensive, multi-faceted story of infinite futures. In the process of linking and expanding these fragments, they evolve to take on new meaning and narratives. You Were Going To is inclusive, interactive and accessible, yet also explores the divides between fine art, illustration, text and installation.