Oh, it's an eerie frost


"we paint and draw in many layers until we can't see the first drawing anymore.?? only the snow stones feel connected and they sink together, white and sweet, deep inside the earth.??" Husmann/Tschaeni 2010

Art Exhibition previously on at Citylights Projects in Australia.
From Wednesday 02 March 2011 to Wednesday 27 April 2011
Launch Wednesday 02 March 2011, 6 to 8pm

Oh, it's an eerie frost image

Published by Andy Mac on Saturday 05 February 2011.
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Pascale Mira Tschäni & Michael Husmann Tschäni are based in Switzerland and both studied at the College of Art in Lucerne. They received further education at the National Institute of Design, India and a residency in Berlin.

Since 2003 they have developed a unique collaborative style encompassing the worlds of painting, comics, illustration, installation and recently also performance and have exhibited from Mumbai to Melbourne.

In fact they work backwards, painting in layers on the reverse of acrylic glass, using different materials, such as enamel, oil colour, watercolour, crayon, glitter and spray.

Their current collaborations consists of both exquisite illustration works, in which they make use of their paintings and “left overs” of performances, like costumes and fabric sculptures. Both are displayed together to create an environment that is at the same time powerfully dominated by illustration and theatrical presence.

In 2010 Husmann/Tschaeni were awarded The Swatch Young Illustrators Award at Illustrative11in Berlin, the world’s most important prize for contemporary illustration and the leading international forum for contemporary illustration and graphic arts.