Mix together food, people, ideas, friends, industries and cultures, and what do you get? Slideluck Potshow is a unique and magical night that has toured over 40 cities around the world. This session, Slideluck is coming to our turf with an old-fashioned Chili cook-off and beers from Brooklyn Brewery.

Art Exhibition previously on at 3rd Ward in United States.
From Saturday 26 February 2011 to Saturday 26 February 2011

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Come break bread and spark an unexpected conversation. The evening begins with mingling and dining, then the lights dim, the crowd is hushed, and a spectacular and surprising slideshow commences.


Want to present? Submit your artwork by Tuesday, February 15th! Slideluck Potshow is looking for Bushwick-area artists to submit cohesive, creative and thought-provoking work for consideration. Past contributors to Slideluck include: Chuck Close, Julie Blackmon, Bruce Davidson, Elinor Carucci, Gregory Crewdson, Spencer Tunick and Shepard Fairey.