The Rat and the Octopus

New work by Samuel Tupou

Hailed as one of Australia's most exciting emerging talents, artist Samuel Tupou combines Pacific Island influences with Street Art techniques and pop culture symbolism to create works that reflect the artist's own mixed cultural heritage.

Art Exhibition previously on at [MARS] Melbourne Art Rooms in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 05 December 2007 to Friday 21 December 2007
Launch Saturday 08 December 2007,

Cow Landscape - Afternoon image

Published by anonymous on Friday 14 December 2007.
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Born in New Zealand to a Tongan father, Tupou was exposed to the ‘Tapa’ cloths used in ceremony throughout the Pacific Islands. Traditionally made using dark dye painted onto Banana leaf, patterns are often made up of repeated geometric grids with animal and plant motifs.


[MARS] Melbourne Art Rooms
418 Bay St
Port Melbourne, 3207