Hutt Street Centre Emerging Artists

The photography and painting in this exhibition are the work of clients of the Hutt Street Centre, a frontline agency for homeless and vulnerable people in inner city Adelaide.

Art Exhibition previously on at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in Australia.
From Wednesday 06 April 2011 to Wednesday 04 May 2011

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 01 March 2011.
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Hutt Street Centre offers an Education and Training program to help clients embark on pathways out of poverty and dependency. The program includes literacy, numeracy, computer skills, life story writing, a rock band, a community garden as well as photography and painting.

These emerging artists have engaged in mentored programs at HSC that support them creating artworks, editing and presenting, marketing and entering into business arrangements that may open up opportunities for their future.
Wednesday 6 April – Wednesday 4 May