Paper Plain

In conjunction with Stuart Gluth, Studio head of Graphic Design in the School of Art Architecture and Design and Paper Designer, University of South Australia and Stuart McLachlan, Graduate of the School of Design at the University of South Australia and international Illustrator and Paper Artist.

Art Exhibition previously on at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in Adelaide precinct, South Australia, Australia.
From Monday 07 November 2011 to Wednesday 30 November 2011

PlainPaper_Madonna image PlainPaper_corner image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 02 March 2011.
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The exhibition will display the result of visual experiments exploring Minimalist theories. Quotes such as “Less is more” by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or “Doing more with less” by designer Buckminster Fulle are both succinct summaries of Minimalist theory and practice. Through a process of visual experimentation restricted by a chosen medium (paper and light) and curatorial theme each paper sculpture will be a simple and efficient narrative. A primary aim will be to capture and engage the viewer’s imagination through the use of simple form, light, shadow and colour.