Images of Ghana - the blind chief, the witches, and the people at the castle

The Hawke Centre celebrates our UniSA student Hawke Ambassadors who devote time, expertise and energy to a range of international aid projects. In this case, we present the elucidating photographic record of Eloise Fuss who undertook UniSA project work in Ghana in 2010.

Art Exhibition previously on at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in Australia.
From Monday 05 September 2011 to Wednesday 28 September 2011

Eloise_oldlady image Eloise_bowl image Eloise_jugs image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 02 March 2011.
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“Ghana throws you head first between big African mama bosoms – a heaving cleavage of passion. A country where dancing is as natural as walking, singing is talking, and you discover a rare species of gigantic smiles. A country where Christians and Muslims live next door to each other, plump with pride over their peace. A country of intertwined contradictions – hope and hopelessness, tradition and westernization, education and ignorance. The blind chief, the witches and the people at the castle invites you to explore a dizzying, diverse and indefinable Ghana.” Eloise Fuss – 2010 UniSA Hawke Ambassador