:: h e a v e n :: h i m m e l :: George Paton Gallery

Installation by Henriette Kassay-Schuster & Hermione Merry

A car. The night. A woman. The landscape. A message. The incomprehensible.

Art Exhibition previously on at George Paton Gallery - University of Melbourne in Australia.
From Tuesday 22 March 2011 to Friday 01 April 2011
Launch Wednesday 23 March 2011, 5pm-7pm

:: h e a v e n :: h i m m e l :: image

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:: h e a v e n :: h i m m e l :: playfully engages with the potentialities of letting communication fail. By derailing the communicative act,
:: h e a v e n :: h i m m e l :: explores the incomprehensible and its ability to generate new meaning. Grounded in open-ended play akin to the dynamics of Chinese whispers, it allows for the emergence of meaning that isn’t informed by comprehension. The installation is perforated by ‘blind spots’ that facilitate ruptures and fissures in perception.

:: h e a v e n :: h i m m e l :: explores the joy and mishap of miscommunication through the use of space, live performance, multiple projection and sound.


Exhibition Dates: 22 March to 1 April 2011
Exhibition opening: Wednesday 23 March 5-7pm
Gallery Hours: 11am -5pm Monday to Friday
Second Floor Union House, University of Melbourne
Phone: 8344 5418 Email: gpg@union.unimelb.edu.au