Breathing Space - Group Show

Jenny Port Gallery

Breathing Space takes a look at the space in between: at reflections, through filtered lenses, into negative space, and around physical and contextual distance.

Art Exhibition previously on in Richmond precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 21 November 2007 to Saturday 15 December 2007
Launch Wednesday 21 November 2007,

Published by PWRuiz on Monday 17 December 2007.
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In pictorial terms Ruiz’s paintings describe the figure through the raw paint and memory that surrounds them. Far from floating in empty space, these bodies are both situated in and understood through their fields of color. Like Ruiz, Glenn Murray’s and Jeph Neale’s sculptures are described as much by their structure as they are by their cavities. The porous vessels they create seem to equally affect and be affected by the environments around them, as if gently questioning their containment.


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