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Art does not reflect the visible it creates it – Paul Klee With no objective centre, ELECTRO_MAGNETIC IMAGINARY gestalts 5 practices to create a co-dependency that does not aim to reflect upon the world; nor any subjective position within it, instead to produce experience: extensions/prosthetics to a constantly mutating reality.

Art Exhibition previously on at Spectrum Project Space in Perth precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Saturday 22 December 2007 to Sunday 13 January 2008
Launch Friday 21 December 2007, 6 - 8pm


Published by anonymous on Tuesday 18 December 2007.
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Electromagnetic Imaginary is the second installment in an ongoing collaborative project by five Melbourne based artists. While Nicholas Kelly, Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples, Simon Pericich and Matthew Shannon each present discrete projects, combined the works break from contrasting or relational concepts of curatorship to operate as what the artists’ describe as a co-dependant universe.

The video, sculpture and installation, performative drawing and text-based works within this exhibition are all designed to stimulate cognitive, emotional and spiritual experiences that attempt to define their own, new and mutated realities.

From Simon Pericich’s ectoplasmic garbage bags to Nicholas Kelly’s colourful and transfixing Flash animation, each work pulses and shimmers with a shared current. This universe of conflated fantasy and reality subverts the ordinary and everyday, in favour of the hallucinatory, the paranormal and the supernatural.

Essay; Meredith Turnbull
Gallery/Collection Coordinator
VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery

This project was sponsored by the NAVA Visual and Craft Artists’ Grant Scheme, with financial assistance from a genration donation by Mrs Janet Holmes à Court

Image: ELECTROMAGNETIC IMAGINARY; installation view. AREA gallery ; melbourne. 2006. Photographer ; Nick Kelly.


Spectrum Project Space
221 Beaufort Street
Northbridge WA 6003

Gallery Hours: 2 – 6pm Wed – Sun