Annual Manual: A Guide to Australian Design Now!

This April Object will open the new permutation of the always-popular Design Now! series, now known as Australian Design Now. Moving away from being exclusively geared to new design graduates, Australian Design Now incorporates the best in new design from emerging practitioners, as put forward by 20 ‘spotters’ charged with scouring the country to nominate outstanding designers and makers.

Art Exhibition previously on at Object Gallery (Closed - see Australian Design Centre) in New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 09 April 2011 to Sunday 19 June 2011

Crystalline Composition Series, 2010 image BODY CLOTHING OBJECT image Bar for a Party, 2010 image

Published by anonymous on Monday 21 March 2011.
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This first rebirth, curated by the Office for Good Design will be dubbed Annual Manual: A Guide to Australian Design Now and will see 8 emerging designers chosen from the expanded eligibility criteria which now includes TAFE graduates and other creators from outside the formal education system. Spanning a huge range of media and disciplines, the exhibition looks at broad areas of design including: for the Built Environment; for the Body; for Communication; for Studio Production; for the Home; for
Industry; and ‘At the Edge.’

One outstanding designer will receive the opportunity to produce a solo show at Object’s Project Space! Object is also throwing in some cash toward production costs to kick start some new work, and beautiful Artichoke magazine has guaranteed to offer some coverage.

We were bowled over with over 120 nominees, and think our top 8 represent the kind of thinking that is critical for the design of tomorrow.


Aly De Groot, NT
Aly is the recipient of a Post Graduate Scholarship and is undertaking a PhD at Charles Darwin University, focusing on environmental and social issues in regards to fibre art and basketry. Aly uses found and discarded materials such as fishing lines and nets, to create baskets of precise detail fuelled with meanings that are in fact dysfunctional utilitarian objects. Their purpose is to establish a creative
avenue for people to be environmentally responsible.

Kristel Britcher, SA
Kristel is a Glass Design Associate at Jam Factory, Adelaide. Working to her strengths with glass, her current works explores the function of form with a focus on the interaction of colour and line. These bold new shapes and the reworking of traditional glass forms create a family of glass works that are both useful and decorative.

Daniel To and Emma Aiston (aka Daniel Emma), SA
This dynamic duo that is Daniel Emma, graduated from University of South Australia only 3 years ago. The latest body of work, a collection of 7 desk accessories, embodies the ideology by which they make objects that are just ‘nice’. Fair enough we think!

Emily Nam, VIC
Introducing Emily Nam: The brain child of mashing up two
degrees being fashion design and science! Emily’s studies
in anatomy and physiology truly shine in her interactive
amorphous structures for the body. Reinterpreting fashion
as an experience, Emily aims to emphasize experiential
and physical sensations. Beautiful.

In-ah Shin, NSW
In-ah demonstrates a strong sense of skill and sensitivity
in the execution of her project ‘Another: Being On The Other Side Of The River’. In-ah is exploring the political situation in North Korea through an elegant and powerful graphic design and performative piece, reflecting her underlying interest in the collaboration between designer and audience. Fusing graphic design and performance In-ah’s project aims to create an embodied experience of ‘being’ North Korean escapee by reading aloud a script in pairs.

Esther Stewart, VIC
While trained in the fine arts, Esther’s work experience in a retail capacity is what has led her to new visionary designs in contemporary furniture. Esther considers the design beyond a singular or immediate purpose of a product. The pieces are chameleon by nature, forever being reinterpreted to suit the current architectural environment or simply ‘resting’ when not needed.

Meredith Turnbull, VIC
Meredith’s practice sites jewellery within a paradigm of scale, incorporating abstraction and installation to extend into architectural space. Her practice balances colour, form and composition whilst remaining conceptually rigorous. Covering a broad range of areas including sculptural installation, objects and wearable components, Meredith’s work intersects between small and large scale sculpture.

Thomas Llewellyn, VIC
Thomas’ drawing table accommodates two seated participants who are invited to use the board between them as a conduit for ideas-exchange through drawing. The table changes the act of drawing into a process of collaboration – it is a powerful tool not only for design itself, but for broader forms of social interaction as well.

Annual Manual: A Guide to Australian Design Now! will run 9 April – 19 June 2011 in Object’s Main Gallery.

About the Curators
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