Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams

GoMA is the exclusive Australian venue for 'Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams', a landmark exhibition of surrealist works direct from the Musée national d'art moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Art Exhibition previously on at Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) in Australia.
From Saturday 11 June 2011 to Sunday 02 October 2011

Loup-table (Wolf-table) 1939/1947 image Centre Pompidou, Paris image Yeux de verre (Glass eyes) 1928 image Sur le motif (‘Painted from nature’) 1937 image Photomaton portrait d'André Breton aux lunettes (Photo booth portrait of André Breton with glasses)  image Hallucination partielle. Six images de Lénine sur un piano (‘Partial hallucination: six images of Lenin on the piano’) 1931 image Ubu Imperator (Emperor Ubu) 1923 image Germany/France/United States 1891 1976
L'immaculée conception manquée (‘The not-quite immaculate conception’) (from ‘La femme 100 têtes’ (‘The woman with 100 heads, or The headless woman’) series)  1929 image La table surréaliste (Surrealist table) 1933/1969 image Landscape-Table 1945 image Sans titre [Onirique] (Untitled [‘Hallucination’]) 1935 image Les marches de l'été 1938 image Le viol (The rape) 1945 image Le modèle rouge (The red model) 1935 image Portrait d'André Breton (Portrait of André Breton) 1941 image Silence 1968 image Femme couchée (Reclining woman) 1932 image Femme couchée (Reclining woman) 1932 image Oeuvres de Giacometti: Femme tenant l'objet désagréable (Works by Giacometti: Model holding a disagreeable object)  1926 image Ils ont soif insatiable de l'infini (They have insatiable thirst for infinity) 1950 image

Published by GAGOMA on Saturday 26 March 2011.
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The Musée national d’art moderne, housed in Paris’s iconic Centre Pompidou, is one of the world’s best museum collections of modern and contemporary art. Its Surrealism collections are the finest in Europe — and the core of this collection is coming to GoMA. This exhibition presents more than 180 works by 56 artists, including paintings, sculptures, ‘surrealist objects’, films, photographs, drawings and collages. ‘Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams’ is an opportunity to see important art works that rarely leave Paris, in an exhibition that will provide a fascinating and comprehensive overview of this important artistic movement.

The exhibition presents a historical overview of Surrealism, charting its evolution from Dada experiments in painting, photography and film, through the metaphysical questioning and exploration of the subconscious in the paintings of Giorgio De Chirico and Max Ernst; to the readymade objects of Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray’s photographs.

Gaining traction in the early 1920s, the movement’s development is explored through the writings of Surrealism’s founder André Breton and key early works by André Masson. Also included is a remarkable selection of paintings and sculptures by surrealists Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Victor Brauner, Joan Miró, Alberto Giacometti, Max Ernst and Paul Delvaux.

Film and photography are also represented throughout the exhibition, including films by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí, René Clair and Man Ray. Important photographic works by Hans Bellmer, Brassaï, Claude Cahun, Dora Maar, Eli Lotar and Jacques-André Boiffard also feature. The exhibition is rounded out with late works that show the breadth of Surrealism’s influence, and includes major works by Jackson Pollock, Arshile Gorky and Joseph Cornell.

‘Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams’ will be accompanied by an innovative Children’s Art Centre program, an exciting range of public programs, including talks, discussions and performances, and a full-colour exhibition catalogue. The popular Up Late program will return on Friday nights from July, as well as an amazing film program at the Gallery’s Australian Cinémathèque.