Immersion by Kane Alexander

Kane’s photographs are the end result of both a personal and collaborative process with nature. Spending time within different landscapes he developed responses that grew organically out of a desire to engage, communicate and deepen his connection to the place. Immersion represents two sculptural responses to the environment.

Art Exhibition previously on at Colour Factory Gallery in Australia.
From Friday 08 April 2011 to Saturday 30 April 2011
Launch Thursday 07 April 2011, 6-8pm

Immersion image Immersion 9 image Immersion 3 image Immersion 6 image

Published by Colour Factory Gallery on Saturday 26 March 2011.
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Once placed in the landscape the sculptural gestures are influenced by the elements, embodying their ephemeral and ever-changing nature. The images capture the remote high altitude deserts in Bolivia and vast, glacial landscapes in Patagonia. Immersing himself into these environments enabled Kane to explore the transience of nature which he responded to through sculpture and photography. The materials required for making the sculptures were sourced in nearby cities and then made their journey by vehicle and foot to be immersed and captured in situ as part of the dramatic landscapes.

Kane is from a third generation of artists who have inspired and encouraged his creativity. He has studied art, design, lapidary and fashion which in combination with extensive international travel, has greatly informed his current work. He has exhibited locally and created site specific installations overseas. His work is in the Patrick Corrigan Collection and private collections in Australia.