Understanding Infinity

Understanding Infinity is a travelling group exhibition not interested in reaching any final point; rather, it is engaged with the move toward. Exhibition locations Serial Space, Sydney, Fabs Gallery, Warsaw, June 2011 and Berlin in late 2011. Curated by Leo Zylberberg.

Art Exhibition previously on at Serial Space in Australia.
From Wednesday 23 March 2011 to Wednesday 30 March 2011

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Published by anonymous on Monday 28 March 2011.
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What causes us to act? The motivation in going to work, in moving from A to B, is evident. The answer is easy; it is completion, it is arrival, it is getting paid. But if point B stopped existing, or was just so unfathomably far away, would we still get into our cars and drive? Would there be any point?

The exhibition explores what lies beyond an obligation to act. The works disregard pre-meditated ‘outcomes’, instead proliferating meanings that come from a process of constant transformation. It is engaged with an analysis; the search within existing notions or perceptions of ’how it is’ for possibilities of transcendence.

Acting as a document of a contemporary idealism, Understanding Infinity resonates the potential for freedom in contemporary cultures.

Including artists Alex Cuffe (AUS), Andre Liew (AUS), As you Were Saying (AUS), Boaz Lehahn (Israel/Germany), Dominik Noé (Germany), Dylan Quirk (AUS), Erin McBean (AUS), Jessica Crowe (AUS), Leo Zylberberg (AUS/Germany), Matthew R Bohan (USA), Robyn Butcher (AUS) and Veli-Matti Ikävalko (FIN).