'Pixel' by T.J.Bateson

T.J.Bateson’s latest solo exhibition is a celebration and reflection of his current obsession with beauty within a digital pixelated world.

Art Exhibition previously on at Tacit Contemporary Art in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 27 April 2011 to Saturday 21 May 2011
Launch Friday 29 April 2011, 6-8pm

Pixel #11-01 image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 31 March 2011.
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His work continues to be fuelled by the discourse between the digital and a modernist attraction to fluid media. Pixel represents a union of digital and traditional aesthetics in the celebration of the digital pixel in paint.

Described by Eugene Barilo von Reisberg (Arts Diary 365) as ‘innovative and inventive’, Bateson continues his exploration of colour and low tonality, which have become synonymous with his work. Quiet, muted tonal shifts of a contemplative nature and the broken moment of pattern call for reflection, allowing the many layers of the artist’s work to unfurl and unfold.

Bateson has more than 30 group and solo shows to his name. Solo shows include em’bedded at Horsham Regional Art Gallery, fields at fortyfivedownstairs, Woven Figures at Guildford Lane Galleries and Temporal Pixel at 69 Smith St. Group shows include Phantasy & Reality (Tacit Contemporary Art), Off The Wall (Ochre Gallery), Vivien St James, 1964-2009 (fortyfivedownstairs) and numerous galleries in Melbourne and Sydney.