A ten year survey of works by Jason Lim. Through this exhibition curator Daniela Beltrani provides insight into Lim's sculptural practice, inspired by nature and framed within the iconographic Buddhist context of his ancestry. Lim challenges preconceived notions of ceramics, broadening the medium beyond its utilitarian traditions, bringing it to the forefront of today's contemporary art practices.

Art Exhibition previously on at Chan Hampe Galleries @ Raffles Hotel in Singapore.
From Monday 04 April 2011 to Wednesday 04 May 2011
Launch Friday 08 April 2011, 7pm

Upaya image

Published by Benjamin Milton Hampe on Sunday 03 April 2011.
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Upaya is the Sanskrit word loosely referring to skilful means. In Buddhism it is associated with the “Earth Witness” mudra, specifically with the right hand of Buddha, all five fingers extended towards the ground, during the moment of enlightenment.

Lim has participated in various international performance art festivals and attended residency programs in Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, Poland, UK, and USA. He was included in the 52th Venice Biennale (2007) during which he presented two ceramics installations; and the 2007 Ceramics Biennale (Incheon, Korea) where he received the Juror Prize.