Dylan Hammond – ‘How I wish to be remembered’

This is “How I wish to be remembered”. This is what I would like to be present at my funeral. Looking back at you from atop the casket. It would be one last contact with me. Possibly a cold comfort, potentially a cathartic goodbye, maybe even an unselfconscious sigh of relief as you realise you never appreciated my humour anyway.

Art Exhibition previously on at Bus Projects in Australia.
From Tuesday 29 March 2011 to Saturday 16 April 2011
Launch Tuesday 29 March 2011, 6pm-8pm

Dylan Hammond – ‘How I wish to be remembered’ image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 16 April 2011.
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Placed in a dialogue with this eulogy for me is something created for a dear friends funeral. They are two memorials placed in a conversation that only people outside the exchange can hear or interpret.

Dylan Aiden Hammond


Dylan Hammond was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, where he completed a Bachelor In Fine Arts Drawing at RMIT. Currently he is engaged in studying Honours in the same program. Other past achievements include discovering the shelf life of salami on a bushwalk through trial and error, mostly error.