Symon McVilly - Judgement Day? Or Just Bad Weather

Over the past year Symon McVilly’s practice has been principally concerned with the subject of society and its perceived decline, exploring the idea of social entropy as a natural process of civilisation. He questions whether decline is unique to our generation or whether it is a pattern seen throughout history as different societies become aware of the self-destructive nature of humanity.

Art Exhibition previously on at Mailbox Art Space in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 10 May 2011 to Friday 10 June 2011

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 04 May 2011.
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Judgment day or just bad weather? takes the form of sculptural monuments and graphic signs reminiscent of the kind found along highways to mark motels and other areas of interest. They are presented as artefacts of pseudo-religious iconography, that has decayed and weathered over time.

Each piece embodies an oblique narrative or allegory informed by motifs that are popularly — though often contradictorily — understood to be indications of man’s decline. These include, for example, puritanism, drugs, sex, greed and God. These totems are retrospective oracles; they imply that, perhaps, decline ain’t so bad after all.