Into the Dark

Bonnie Lane @ BUS Projects

Into the Dark is Bonnie Lane’s upcoming immersive video installation exhibition. Spanning all of Bus Projects galleries, Into the Dark explores light as a metaphor for the transition between child and adult, a journey into a slippery world of beauty, wonder, fear and anticipation.

Art Exhibition previously on at Bus Projects in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 13 May 2011 to Saturday 28 May 2011
Launch Friday 13 May 2011, 6-8pm

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Event published by anonymous on Monday 09 May 2011.
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Displaced murmurs gurgle up from the basement below, as if calling out for the audience to make their way down the staircase, immersing themselves into darkness. As one enters each room, eyes adjust and ghostly projections reveal themselves. Figures that are seemingly trapped in limbo, condemned to the repetition of their own absurd tasks, skipping, sleeping, dreaming, playing, humming… Anonymous and going nowhere, they are the residue, left behind in the dark gloomy basement, to pass continually back and forth. The beauty of the video sequences touches on the sublime, seducing audiences into a numbed state at once both mesmerising and tormenting.

Into the Dark is Supported by the City of Melbourne through the Arts Grants Program.

Bonnie Lane is currently being mentored by Tina Gonsalves through JUMP, the Australia Council’s national mentoring program for young and emerging artists. In Victoria, JUMP is being delivered through Melbourne Fringe.


BUS Projects
Basement Level, Donkey Wheel House
673 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000