Archimedean solids, temple of kitsch

Carefully constructed from food umbrella’s using Archimedes’ formula for creating solid figures with flat shapes. These forms resemble the chemical structure of molecules floating in space. Yet despite their scientific and mathematical nature, the hovering translucent forms evoke a sense of the feminine and the sensuous.

Art Exhibition previously on at Mils Gallery in New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 19 May 2011 to Sunday 29 May 2011
Launch Thursday 19 May 2011, 6pm

Archimedean solids, temple of kitsch image

Published by anonymous on Monday 16 May 2011.
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An exhibition of mathematically and scientifically structured forms and body politics. Cigdem Aydemir’s solo exhibition, Archimedean solids, temple of kitsch, will be opening this Thursday at MILS Gallery.

Cigdem Aydemir is a Sydney based artist constantly playing with and questioning the control and license of personal body space.