"My canvases and works on paper made since the sixties have been concerned with a personal interest in the Australian Aboriginals, their life, culture and the desert in which they live.

Art Exhibition previously on at Catherine Asquith Gallery (Archived) in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 24 May 2011 to Saturday 11 June 2011
Launch Thursday 26 May 2011, 6 TO 8PM

Ochre image Hymn to the Sun image Wall of the Serpent image Katajuta image Alinga Sky No.2 image The Colour of the Desert Night image Ancient Song image Landscape for the Nangu image Valley Winds Katajuta image Encounter image Journeys image Soak image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 18 May 2011.
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Painting for me celebrates the mysterious, the Australian landscape and culture, providing a spiritual stimuli within which I am concerned –interpreting values in subjective expressions – the inner life or spirit, rather than describing facts.

In my work I wish to project a profound aura of silence, optimism, and reflect mystery and spiritual resonances linked with my personal interaction with the Aboriginals and their land."

William Ferguson, 1998

The above artist statement remains William Ferguson’s raison d’etre to this day; an art practice spanning an impressive 45 years, William’s career is all the more remarkable for its consistency in evoking a most unique interpretation of the Australian landscape.

William has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, and most recently will now be represented by one of the leading galleries in Japan, the Galerie Miyawaki in Kyoto. He has also been a finalist in many of the leading art prizes including the McCaughey Prize, National Gallery of Victoria (1977) and the Blake Prize (for Religious Art), Sydney (1993).

William’s stunning mystical landscapes have been acquired by many notable international collections including Rothschilds Bank (London), as well as numerous significant corporate collections in Australia, including the Australian National Gallery (Canberra), Melbourne University, Parliament House Collection (Canberra), Holmes à Court Collection (Perth), and BHP Collection, to name but a few.