Introduction to Photoshop Masters

Gain ultimate control over Photoshop’s most advanced features to produce compelling prints from your digital files. This workshop provides a step-by-step introduction to the concept of nondestructive image editing using Photoshop’s Layers and Blend Modes.

Art Exhibition previously on at Colour Factory Gallery in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 04 June 2011 to Saturday 04 June 2011

Introduction to Photoshop Masters image

Published by Colour Factory Gallery on Thursday 26 May 2011.
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The overall aim of the workshop is to start with a basic digital image, either scanned from film or from a digital camera, to visualise how that image may be fine tuned or altered to achieve your aesthetic aims, then to apply those changes as a series of layers. The result is a master file optimised for your chosen print process able to be output to a variety of sizes and uses.

This is more than a series of techniques but rather the foundation for a sophisticated approach to digital photography that will open new horizons for creative expression. Your ability to work with images in a completely intuitive way will feed back into the choices you make when photographing.