In-Transit aims to examine the ontology of immateriality, transitions, identity and belonging. Exploring the sense of belonging under the influence of transnationalism, the exhibition questions the immateriality of cultural attachments.

Art Exhibition previously on at Bus Projects in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 31 May 2011 to Saturday 18 June 2011

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 01 June 2011.
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Having to pack one’s belongings in a suitcase not only indicates the selection of personal burdens, but a tangible transcription of one’s transitory cultural attachments. Focusing on the repetitive action rather than the objects, the exhibition aims to articulate the mental state of transition in relation to the physical attachment. The overwhelming yet isolated experience enforced by the walls of suitcases will remind the viewer of being in transitions and in betweens, either physically or emotionally.