Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

We are in an information and communication era, and rely extensively on these high-tech facilities for our modern life. These machines become deeply rooted in our daily activities, replacing the old ways of doing things. Millions of newly purchased products follow on millions of trashed ones. Confronted with vast piles of dead and deconstructed machines, the overwhelming number of cords, wires, ch

Art Exhibition previously on in China.
From Friday 02 November 2007 to Sunday 24 February 2008
Launch Friday 02 November 2007,

Event published by Xing Danwen on Tuesday 08 January 2008.
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Photography is a common language amongst different places and groups of people. In the span of time and space, it has greatly influenced the life of every individual. From the moment it was born, photography has left a deep mark on historical representation, becoming a narrator and carrier of modern, global civilization. In today’s globalized vision of the cultural landscape, photography-as-art is playing a greater role in the evolution of every culture.