Boys with guns: Prudence Murphy

Boys with guns is a photographic series depicting spontaneous weapon play in children. This project represents a culmination of Murphy's recent practice, involved in capturing a chance moment of play, or fleeting moments in a child's development.

Art Exhibition previously on at Monash Gallery of Art in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 01 June 2011 to Sunday 17 July 2011

Backyard #1 2011 image

Published by Monash Gallery of Art on Monday 06 June 2011.
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Murphy writes: “My work probes the details of our quotidian existence, documenting our ritual and play, counterpointing the balance of behaviour and experience. In play we shape the world, and children from an early age develop the impulse to play with weapons. They master their world through such imaginative and dramatic play. It is intended that these photographs will depict something of the mystery of children’s imaginings, which may resonate with and elucidate our adult experience.”