The Paper Attic

Object is over the moon to host Benja Harney’s first solo exhibition at Project Space next month, presenting a collection of his finest paper works. The Paper Attic, curated by Tara D’cruz- Noble, opens to the public on Saturday 30 July.

Art Exhibition previously on at Object Gallery (Closed - see Australian Design Centre) in Surry Hills precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 30 July 2011 to Sunday 25 September 2011

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 09 June 2011.
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Harney describes himself as a Paper Engineer. His craft is self-taught and by using perfectly precise cuts and folds he transforms humble paper into intriguing works of art.

“I love making models and intricate things – the mechanics and technical aspects of creating with paper drive my curiosity.”

For this exhibition, Harney’s intricately crafted works resemble objects that one might find within an attic room. In this curious space, Harney recreates a room where discarded domestic objects such as old records, letters, toys, photographs and crazy inventions gone wrong sit forgotten and unloved.

Complete with architectural features including a window carefully constructed from paper and old found objects sourced from second hand stores, The Paper Attic leads the viewer into a space borrowed from a home.

Over the last six years, Harney has fashioned pop-up books and paper constructions for a variety of creative fields including advertising, magazine illustration, fashion and packaging. The Paper Attic is Harney’s first presentation of works within the format of a design gallery. His previous projects vary to include paper creations for Hermès, Kylie Minogue and the Sydney Opera House. Harney has collaborated with Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet for Commonwealth Bank, and Topshop, where he presented British inspired paper sculptures at Incu. The Topshop project was curated by Tara D’cruz-Noble and The Paper Attic is their second collaboration. The idea for this exhibition came from a desire to show works created specifically for the unique architecture of Object’s Project Space. D’cruz-Noble approached Harney with this idea and his creative response will be presented as a collection of relics.

The Paper Attic runs at Object’s Project Space from 30 July – 25 September and is promoted as part of Sydney Design.

Object Gallery is staying awake on both Thursday nights during Sydney Design, where visitors can enjoy a late night with the artist in the attic!!! (Thursday 4 & Thursday 11 August, 2011, until 8pm).