Kaleidoscope: Art and colour

Kaleidoscope: Art and colour celebrates the power of colour and the impact it has on our lives, from how we see and experience the world around us, to how we employ colour to express ourselves.

Art Exhibition previously on at NGV International in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 28 May 2011 to Sunday 05 February 2012

Holi festival on Rang Bhari Ekadash, Vrindavan 1989, printed 2007 image Patchwork (Pezzato) vase c.1950 image NGV Photographic Services image

Published by National Gallery of Victoria - International on Wednesday 15 June 2011.
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How are colours made? How do artists use colour in different media? How can colour be used to fool the eye through optical illusions? With over 40 works from across the NGV collections, including paintings, textiles and objects by Asian, European, Indigenous Australian and Pacific artists, this exhibition encourages us to expand our perception, knowledge and experience of colour and discover how colours are used to fool, delight and inspire us in the kaleidoscope of life.