Asia Art Center

Art Exhibition previously on in China.
From Saturday 15 December 2007 to Sunday 13 January 2008
Launch Wednesday 09 January 2008,

Published by Xing Danwen on Wednesday 09 January 2008.
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These images are taken and staged in toy factories. They are part of larger quantities of toy figures. During the shooting, I observed the entire production process and was amazed at how the designs made for the market, match desires of people in every corner of the world. The toys are assembled with each part representing a “universal” beauty that parallels the ways in which we strive for beauty in our own lives. With this body of work, I am asking if this type of cloning, through manufacturing of aesthetic ideals, also has an effect on our values as human beings? Is genetic cloning a natural extension of the subtle forms of cloning that we participate in? And is this a positive development or an affront to nature?