Critics' Choice 2011 at Art Mob

Critics' Choice at Art Mob opens this weekend. We have searched the extensive stock room of Hobart's Art Mob for our Critics' Choice 2011 , and were delighted to find a varied and high-quality selection of paintings, works on paper, sculptures and more from the Top End, Canning Stock Route, Tiwi Islands, Central, Western and Eastern deserts, Torres Strait Islands and Queensland.

Art Exhibition previously on at Art Mob in Hobart precinct, Tasmania, Australia.
From Wednesday 06 July 2011 to Saturday 31 December 2011

Elton Wirri My Country 2010 image Alexander Nganjmirra Queen lady meets the Archbishop of Darwinc 2002 image Arone Meeks Cross Currents Series 14 2009 image Berngur Untitled c 1975 image Bill Harney Sky Boss Nadi 2006 image Bugai Whylouter Kunawarritji 2010 image Cameron Ross Kemarre Three Little Birds 2011 image Candy Nakamarra Kalypinypa 2010 image Cliff Reid Yumari (Mother In Law) 2005 image Dennis Nona Zurath Aw Dogai 2008 image Dinny Tjampitjinpa Nolan Lightning at Mikanji 2008 image Emily Pwerle Awelye Atnwengerrp 2009 image George Tjungurrayi Tingari 2004 image Iris Taylor Driving Home 2009 image Jean Baptiste Apuatimi Jirtaka (Sawfish) 2011 image Johnny Young Horse Rider - Brown Hat, Green Jumper 2006 image Joyce McLean Wati Kutjarra 2010 image Julian Oates Intimate Echo 2011 image Lance Peck Lake Maitland 2010 image Lola Greeno Shell Necklace 2009 image

Published by McCulloch & McCulloch on Friday 08 July 2011.
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Comprising 26 works, the exhibition, now in its second year, includes a striking social commentary work on paper by the late Alexander Nganjmirra, an unusual 1970s bark by central Arnhem Land artist Berngur, Bill Harney’s evocative boss spirit man sculpture, colourful paintings by Canning Stock Route artists Nora Nungumbar and Nori Wompi, APY artists Lance Peck, Joyce McLean and others, NATSIAA bark painting winner Samuel Namunjda, a set of Dennis Nona’s skateboard decks, classic and contemporary works by founding painters of the Papunya school and their descendents and many more.

Critics’ Choice 2011 at Art Mob selected by Susan McCulloch & Emily McCulloch Childs

Art Mob

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