McLean Edwards No Immunity

McLean Edwards' exhibition No Immunity, will include a series of his signature figurative paintings and a suite of 16 portraits of friends. Talking about the work, Edwards prefers literary references to painterly ones. "My work's like reading a book with the chapters all jumbled up, but it's still a book" he says. The jumble is deliberate and unavoidable. Edwards' thinking is not straightforward.

Art Exhibition previously on at Karen Woodbury Gallery in Richmond precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 03 August 2011 to Saturday 27 August 2011

Bound  image Maternity Suite No.1 image The Landscapist image Little Creatures image Home and Away 2 image Maternity Suite No.2 image Babyboomers Go Home image Primitive  image Yellow Raincoat  image Racer image Suite of Friends No.16  image Suite of Friends No.14  image Suite of Friends No.15  image Suite of Friends No.13 image Suite of Friends No.12 image Suite of Friends No.11  image Suite of Friends No.10  image Suite of Friends No.9  image Suite of Friends No.8  image Suite of Friends No.7  image

Published by Karen Woodbury Fine Art on Monday 01 August 2011.
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Edwards’ practice to date has concentrated on the human figure – especially self portraiture. Stylistically his paintings can be compared to artists such as William Dobell and Russell Drysdale or more recently with American painter George Condo. His strong following is a testament to his rich and prolific practice that positions Edwards as one of Australia’s most influential figurative painters.

Edwards was an Archibald Prize finalist in 2007, 2006 and 2004. He is collected widely in public institutions including the University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane; Artbank; Orange Regional Art Gallery, Orange and the Australian War Memorial Museum, Canberra. He is also featured in the current issue of Australian Art Collector.