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The paintings in ‘Paradise’ explore interweaving notions of paradise; the story of Adam and Eve, paradise lost through intercultural misunderstanding and environmental decay, and ideas of paradise in cosmological postulations of multiple universes ‘out there’ which imply the potential for vastness within.

Art Exhibition previously on at Purgatory Artspace in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 08 September 2011 to Saturday 08 October 2011
Launch Friday 09 September 2011, 6- 8 pm

Murray Darling Currency image Finding The Light image Paradise image Meeting Place Of The Mind image Infinity image

Published by anonymous on Monday 01 August 2011.
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These are visually woven together with the age-old transcutlural/religious tree-of-life motif which the artist un-tethers from traditional visual interpretations to explore its symbolic potency in the 21st century. She embraces the planet, our home, with beauty’s reminder of what we lose if relationships with each other and the planet are not nutured.

The exhibition reflects upon important contemporary considerations of perspective, as we live locally in an increasingly globalised world, where space research proposes the existence of other universes and spiritual explorations suggest vast inner manifestations, where environmental degradation strangles notions of both inner and outer paradise.

Thin networks of lines and dots render the age old trans-cultural ‘tree-of-life’ motif, weaving historical and spiritual threads through the works. These paintings express an innate human quest for a kind of paradise or utopia, whether a tangible existence or an internal longing. They at once conjure an infinite cosmos and an exploration of inner manifestations. Branches which seem to reach out and duplicate ad infinitum are mirrored below like an intricate root system reaching far into the earth.

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Purgatory Artspace, First Floor 170 Abbotsford St, North Melbourne