Deborah Kelly Awfully Beastly

“I fall asleep with lurid lunar landscapes and lush alien ladies limbo dancing before my eyes. In skyscraper heels and skintight spacesuits they want to run, but stumble and fall, their heavy breasts making them teeter and then tip over, right! into! the! arms! of invading robots and swarthy horny evil scientists.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gallery Barry Keldoulis in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 10 September 2011 to Saturday 10 September 2011
Launch Saturday 10 September 2011, 2 to 5 pm

Awfully Beastly image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 08 September 2011.
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In my dreams I remember space, stars, unknowable entities echoed in the unfathomed realms, and fear of monstrous fecundity projected across human millennia from treacherous man-eating seawitch siren lairs through fearsome folktales and onto the impossible physiques of fertile future babes.

I wake trailing this thread, the sense the archetypes connect in ways we know, in old awe from before we were smooth, before we were upright. Pre-mammalian? And possibly post.”