HYPERCLAY: Contemporary Ceramics

HYPERCLAY Contemporary Ceramics is a provocative and engaging exhibition of work by eight Australian artists working with clay. The exhibition produced by Object: Australian Centre for Design will open to the public in Sydney on 8 October, 2011 before embarking on an extensive national tour between 2012 and 2014.

Art Exhibition previously on at Object Gallery (Closed - see Australian Design Centre) in Surry Hills precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 08 October 2011 to Sunday 08 January 2012
Launch Friday 07 October 2011,

Guardians of a Goddess image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 20 September 2011.
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HYPERCLAY features work by artists who are all forging new pathways in Australian ceramics. Their use and manipulation of clay is bold and inventive, exploring new modes of practice for ceramics in the 21st century.

“HYPERCLAY is a show that profiles some of the most exciting work being produced by Australian ceramicists right now. From rapid prototyping, to video works, to re-purposed objects and digitally rendered decoration, these artists ignite the imagination with the exciting potential of this ancient and time-honoured material.” – Danielle Robson, Producer.

Featuring work by Walter Auer, Roderick Bamford, Stephen Bird, Jacqueline Clayton, Andrea Hylands, Addison Marshall, Pip McManus and Paul Wood, HYPERCLAY profiles emerging makers alongside established practitioners.

New technologies, the process of making, and the re-purposing of materials to create new forms, are the delicate threads that bind the works on exhibition together.

Roderick Bamford has been described as an artist, designer, studio potter and craftsperson. On the opening weekend of HYPERCLAY, Bamford will be hosting a demonstration with his custom built 3D printer that produced his works in the exhibition. Bamford sourced the parts for the printer online, gradually building a machine that prints with clay. Once his designs are finalised on the computer using CAD he literally ‘sends’ them to print. Don’t miss the demonstration live at Object Gallery from 1.30pm Saturday 8 October, 2011.

Stephen Bird is best known for his satirical figurative ceramics; however like Bamford, in HYPERCLAY Bird is also playing at the intersection of the digital and the handmade. Bird spent many intensive weeks in his studio creating the stop-frame clay animation What are you laughing at?. The work is a re-telling of the Creation Story through the lens of the post-industrial world, which also documents Bird’s making process, capturing it as performance. Similarly, Bird’s other work on exhibition I Just Don’t Believe in Ceramics elevates surface decoration from static and permanent to evolving virtual design.

Paul Wood creates treasure from trash as he scours op shops, e-bay and thrift stores for pre loved ceramic objects to make dramatic new sculptures. Transformed and manipulated in the kiln, Wood’s work in HYPERCLAY, ‘Guardians of a Goddess’, is an ode to the domestic water feature that proudly sat in the neighbourhood gardens of his childhood.

Jacqueline Clayton challenges our traditional perception of clay as she moulds intricate floral sculptures from a face powder and porcelain composite. Face powder, like lipstick, is a workable ceramic material. It is formulated with the key ingredients that make up a classic earthenware body (the difference being that face powder is mixed with oil, whereas most clay uses water). The delicate and masterfully crafted objects are displayed on an antique autoclave, highlighting how certainty is established through classification and order.

HYPERCLAY will be officially opened by Peter Gilmore, Executive Chef, Quay, at the opening on Friday 7 October.