High School Confidential

As part of its First Look program, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) presents three films about rebellion with the classic tale of teens gone wild, High School Confidential (3-6 November), and two documentaries on the masters of American tattooing Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry (10-13 November) and Ed Hardy Tattoo the World (1-30 November).

Art Exhibition previously on at ACMI - Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 03 November 2011 to Sunday 06 November 2011

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Published by anonymous on Friday 30 September 2011.
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Banned in several countries upon release for its exploitative depiction of drugs and drag car racing, High School Confidential (1958) is the story of Tony Baker, a cop that goes undercover to expose a drug ring at a high school. Directed by Jack Arnold, and featuring “Hollywood’s Bad Girl” Mamie Van Doren and a youthful John Barrymore, the film also includes an inspiring cameo by Jerry Lee Lewis who performs in the opening scenes of the film.