Jo's mo show (with beards)

Any survey of the National Portrait Gallery's collection reveals numerous variations in facial hair fashions.

Art Exhibition previously on at National Portrait Gallery in Other Metro Canberra precinct, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
From Friday 28 October 2011 to Sunday 01 April 2012

Edward John Eyre 1867 image

Published by anonymous on Monday 10 October 2011.
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From the be-wigged and clean-shaven gents of the eighteenth century to the 70s blokes brandishing handlebar mos, portraits and the individuals depicted in them show also that such styles are more than mere whim; and that men’s choices to sport facial hair have usually been closely connected to shifts in ideas about politics, society, identity or masculinity. Jo’s mo show (with beards) will illustrate changes in beards, moustaches and sideburns from the 1780s to the 1980s.