Where The Water Talks

Exhibition on the KImberley

“Where the Water Talks” is a collection of vibrant, bold and evocative works of the stunning Kimberley coast , seen through the eyes of this very passionate and dedicated artist.

Art Exhibition previously on at Linton & Kay Galleries | Perth in Subiaco precinct, Western Australia, Australia.
From Thursday 29 September 2011 to Thursday 20 October 2011

Twin Falls - King George River image True North Sunset image Tiger Beach 2 image Tiger Beach 1 image The Unknown Waterfall image Talking Water Place image  Surveyors Creek image Steep Island tide line image St George Basin Sunset image Montgomery Reef 2 image Montgomery Reef 1 image Cyclone Creek Tide Line image Mitchell falls aerial image Kimberley Sunrise image Jackson Falls image Leadline Creek image Sale River image Flicking For Barra At Dusk image Hunter Sunrise image Horizontal Falls image

Published by Jacinda Bayne on Wednesday 12 October 2011.
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“Go ask those fellas what they call those talking water places” was a statement that resonated with Jacinda Bayne whilst discussing her latest collection of work with friend and Aboriginal Artist Toogarr Morrison.

“I was searching for the one common thread that tied my narrative of thoughts, experiences and emotions together and Toogarr helped me realise it” said the 2011 Mandjar Art Award winner. Immediately she knew that her experience had been one shaped and formed by water and it’s effect on the Kimberley.

Artist in Residence onboard the True North, Jacinda was inspired by the huge tidelines, majestic waterfalls and the way the water flowed over the ancient land forms.

This translated in her studio with her use of rich, intense colours and thin glazes of paint, watching it run over the surface of the canvas like the water to create energy and movement.

“Colour , I believe creates emotion, and touches all of us. I try to devise a language through colour in which everyone can connect in some way. When the viewer gets that connection, I feel I have achieved what I set out to do.”


Linton and Kay Contemporary Gallery,123 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth, WA