Reko Rennie

Neo Geo

Reko Rennie’s art and installations are known for their vibrant colours, line work and intricate stencil imagery. His work often uses a diamond geometric pattern, representing his associations to the Kamilaroi people. The diamond pattern can be likened to a coat of arms, one of four male symbols and four female symbols that designate four different language groups within the Kamilaroi people.

Art Exhibition previously on at dianne tanzer gallery + projects in Australia.
From Friday 14 October 2011 to Friday 11 November 2011

Neo Geo image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 13 October 2011.
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Neo Geo is a play on the art movement that occurred in the mid 1980s. Short for ‘’new geometry’, Rennie re-contextualises this concept and re-defines his relationship to the Kamilaroi diamond patterning in a new body of work that draws on the traditional Kamilaroi practice of carving and inscription, extending this practice to incorporate spray-can totem poles rendered in bronze, and hyper-coloured metallic foils. In the past Kamilaroi people marked trees with diamond patterned carvings and inscriptions to commemorate and educate, and for ceremonial purposes. Expanding on an exploration of the spray can as message stick, Neo Geo monumentalises the spray-can, placing it above the role of a functional artist’s tool, imbuing it with the gravity of a modern cultural artifact.