Magda Cebokli

Ring Cycles

Exploring luminosity and the structure of light are key themes for Cebokli’s 2011 series of work. Ring Cycle continues her research into light and edge, which has underpinned the last decade of her painting.

Art Exhibition previously on at dianne tanzer gallery + projects in Australia.
From Friday 14 October 2011 to Saturday 05 November 2011
Launch Saturday 15 October 2011, 3-5pm

Ring #2 image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 13 October 2011.
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Circles form a simple base for this exploration – a continuous formal shape of equal tension.
In some paintings, light is swallowed by darkness and in others light is cast outward to the viewer.
Simple form, hard edges and a restricted palette refer to the basic principles of formal research or study. These acrylic on canvas paintings are statistical evaluations that eliminate all that is irrelevant and unnecessary.