Artist Statement: In 2010 I was awarded a six month residency in Basel, Switzerland. This was my first long-term residency outside of Australia and I had no expectations of how this experience would evolve. All I had was a concept to investigate and a desire to increase my knowledge of the world outside my own.

Art Exhibition previously on at Catherine Asquith Gallery (Archived) in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 18 October 2011 to Saturday 05 November 2011
Launch Thursday 20 October 2011, 6 to 8pm

A Matter of Degree #7 image Reaching the Top image Points of View image Rhythm image Constant Changes image Ice Cold image Altitude image Broken Line image A Matter of Degree #1 image A Matter of Degree #2 image A Matter of Degree #3 image A Matter of Degree #4 image A Matter of Degree #5 image A Matter of Degree #6 image Above the Tree Line image Gazing into the Distance image Across the Glacier Valley image

Published by anonymous on Friday 14 October 2011.
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Being in a different environment allows you to take risks and view things differently. It also exposes you to new cultural experiences where political, social and environmental issues emerge.

My original proposal was to investigate the concept and meaning of transient space. I was interested in exploring the way that geographical and cultural differences influence our perspectives. This continues to be my main area of enquiry.

During my residency the meaning of transient space took a slightly different turn. I became strongly interested in the phenomena of the melting Swiss glaciers. This environmental problem is changing some of the natural borders between Switzerland and neighboring European countries.

I was drawn to this issue not only for its environmental effect but also for its social and psychological impact. This has particular significance in a small and unique country like Switzerland where borders are still guarded within a borderless unified Europe .

My research during the residency involved numerous trips hiking across some of the most incredible Swiss glaciers. Equipped with unaccustomed mountain gear and a backpack I carried only the essential material to document the locations of interest. Sketches and ideas were recorded on paper and visual diary during the summer, autumn and winter. This allowed me to see the various changes in the landscape in the most affected areas.

‘A Matter of Degree’ is a body of work in progress developed in response to my research of the melting Swiss glaciers. Sadly, this breathtaking view of the world is quickly disappearing.

Biography: Rina Franz has enjoyed an impressive career as a professional practicing artist. Born in Rome, she initially studied architecture before relocating to Western Australia. Once settled Rina returned to study, in particular, painting at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. She was awarded a Master of Arts (Visual Arts) from Curtin University, Perth, in 1991.

Rina has participated in over 30 group exhibitions, both within Australia and overseas; she has been the recipient of numerous art awards, and has worked on a number of significant arts projects again, both within Australia and overseas.