Perpetual Kagemi

Luke Feldman’s “Perpetual Kagemi”

Luke Feldman’s “Perpetual Kagemi”: a stunning exploration of femininity in a traditional and modern context with an Asian twist. A night of art, live painting, music, drinks and Crumpler giveaways. Luke Feldman will be showcasing original acrylic and graphite art on wood, ink sketches and digital work.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 04 April 2008 to Saturday 05 April 2008
Launch Friday 04 April 2008, Friday 4 april 2008 from 7pm to late Saturday 5 april 2008 10am to 2pm

Perpetual Kagemi Exhibition image

Event published by SKAFFS on Wednesday 16 January 2008.
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Date: 4 April 2008 from 7pm & 5 April 2008 10am to 2pm

Paper Shadow Gallery, 34 Franklin Street, Melbourne (within Miss Libertine)

Luke’s work is synonymous with stunningly beautiful and whimsical depictions of the female form: the large, intense eyes and fluid bodies are strangely erotic. Inspired by a vivid imagination, his illustrations and animations are minimalist yet stylish. The use of vibrant colours, defined lines and detailed characters give his work depth and movement.

The term ‘Kagemi’ means to ‘look at each other’ and it specifically refers to traditional Japanese arranged marriages (Omiai). During the ritual, “Kagemi” refers to a ‘hidden look’ where males try to sneak a peak at the potential bride. Omiai was only possible in a traditional culture of obedience. Today Japanese Omiai is becoming replaced by ‘love match’ marriages. In this context the ‘Kagemi’ would not be a quick peek but a continuous viewing of women. It’s perpetual, uninterrupted and bloo


Paper Shadow Gallery
34 Franklin Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000