Methods Composite Vortex (study) image Grand Tour image Ghost Faced image Untitled (Dunedin and Sydney) image Dutch Florals #20 image Corner Suite: Variation #13 image SolidLandscapes.projectGothamRacing2.04drw image Gift and Oath image We are here for a good time not a long time (Portrait of Damien Hirst) image Dinner Invitation at Kill Cat Inn image Eve came from Adam (along with leftovers from a few other peeeps image Lunar (Procession I) image Melbourne Weather image The Snake Pit #1 image Inquiry after Jeopardy image Shadwowland image Tattoo #1 image Drawing Suite image Scrilla, Fetta, Chedda image Confusion of Space/Time image

100 is a project that challenges the notion of 'drawing' by means of presenting an exhibition of works that engage the act of drawing in relation to facets of perception, process and the capacity for individual invention.

Art Exhibition previously on at Langford 120 in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 04 November 2011 to Sunday 13 November 2011
Launch Friday 04 November 2011, 6-8pm


120 Langford Street
North Melbourne, Victoria

It seeks to encourage discussion about the relevance and transformation of drawing in contemporary art practices today.

Artists are not limited by traditional conventions, media or size in realising artworks for exhibition.