Wendy Kelly


"Undercurrent" continues Wendy Kelly's interest in the investigation of non-figurative and gently geometric reductive abstraction.

Art Exhibition previously on at fortyfivedownstairs in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 15 November 2011 to Saturday 26 November 2011

Undercurrent image The Weavers Light image Feather image The Tenuous Screen image Web 4 image From the Centre image Kyoto Fall 4 image To a Dry Land, Vol 1 image Shift image Copper image Dictionary Series image Indigo Composite image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 02 November 2011.
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“Undercurrent” demonstrate Wendy Kelly’s continued research into the non-objective genre and its relevance in contemporary visual language.
These works incorporate collage and inert pigment in a manner that creates subtle geometric rhythms and tensions. Within an “almost monochrome” reductive aesthetic, thread is used to construct a complex lineal surface structure which is then interpreted by the application of multiple layers of paint and glazes to construct a rich and complex surface. The addition of collage in the form of print or paper in turn is subverted to a point of unreadability by tearing before the glazing process begins.
These works have a freedom of material interpretation and have the ability to incorporate an emotional expression. The aim is to produce work to which people can quietly relate, something that has a quality of intrigue and calm. They are slow to enter, yet are meant to be re-visited again and again, in different lights and at different times and length of times; a continual engagement.


fortyfivedownstairs gallery
45 Flinders Lane